I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Step Eight:
What happens after we have chosen a rest home?

After you have chosen a rest home, your parent will need to sign an Admission Agreement. This has to be signed before entry, but if it’s an emergency admission, it needs to be signed as soon as possible. This is an agreement between your parent and the rest home or hospital. It states the rights and responsibilities of your parent and the facility.

The agreement contains information about:

Your parent may have to sign Enduring Powers of Attorney before they sign the Admission Agreement. Click here for information about Enduring Powers of Attorney

What should we do before my parent signs?

You must look over the agreement carefully. Have someone independent from the rest home examine the contract before your parent signs. This could be a nominated power of attorney, a relative, a friend or a lawyer. Seek advice on anything you are not clear about. Your parent can have someone support them when discussing the agreement with the rest home.

Your parent's rights under the Admission Agreement

Your parent's responsibilities under the Admission Agreement


Step Nine: Your parent is now ready to enter the rest home

Step Seven: How do we choose the right rest home?