I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Step Seven:
How do we choose the right rest home?

Each individual has their own unique needs. Only you and your family can decide on what is best for your parent. Weigh your needs up against what is available for your parent’s care. You can use audit reports and visits to potential facilities as ways to identify the best place for your parent.

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Visit the Facility

Visit a number of facilities in your area to decide which are the most suitable.

Make an appointment to ensure that the manager will be free to talk with you. If you cannot visit the facility personally, ask the manager to visit you.

Think about what you are looking for in a home, and create a question list for the tour. You can choose from the list of questions we provide. Use the answers to assess how well the homes meet your requirements.

View the provider’s website before you visit the home.

If possible, stay after the tour has finished. Ask for copies of any written information that is available. Talk to the residents about their experiences at the home.

Make a shortlist of homes you like. Visit these homes without an appointment to see if your first impressions change.

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Audit Reports

The Ministry of Health inspects rest homes to check if they meet government standards for quality and safety. The evaluation reports – which are called audit reports - are posted on the Ministry of Health website.

Look at the audit report summary if it is available. Ask the manager how the facility has addressed any concerns raised in the audit report.

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What happens if English is my parent's second language?

Each rest home has their own policy for residents for whom English is a second language.

Some rest homes cater for speakers of a multiple number of languages.

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Step Eight: What happens after we have chosen a rest home?

Step Six: Who pays for my parent's care?