I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Step Five:
What happens after my parent is told that they need full time care?

Your parent will need to find a rest home, hospital or dementia unit they are happy with. They will need to organise payment for the care.

You can use the directory below to find a rest home or hospital in your area.

Find a rest home or hospital

Types of Care

If your parent is receiving care in a rest home or hospital, they will receive a standard package of care. They can pay for extra services if they want to receive them.

What services should we expect from the rest home or hospital?

Rest Home

Rest homes provide 24 hour care by trained staff to aged people. People at rest homes can do some daily tasks themselves, but cannot live independently in their own home.

Dementia Units

Dementia units provide care to elderly suffering dementia or other mental illness. Dementia units provide the same services as rest homes in a secure environment and have staff trained in specialist dementia care.


Long-stay hospitals provide 24-hour health care for people with high clinical needs. Most residents cannot move without the help of another person, and need assistance to do most daily tasks.

Psychogeriatric Care

Psychogeriatric care is a high level of care for people with a very high level of dementia or challenging behaviours.


Step Six: Who pays for my parent's care?

Step Four: How do they decide what care my parent will get?