I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Home Care

Your parent may be able to get publicly funded home care services. They will need to be assessed first.

What services are subsidised by the government?

Assistance with personal care, such as showering or dressing, is free for people assessed as requiring care. A community services card is needed to get publicly funded help with housework. Your parent may be able to claim the Disability Allowance to help pay for lawns and gardening. Spring cleaning is not subsidised.

If your parent is not eligible for publicly funded services, they can pay privately.

What other help can my parent get at home?

What home care services are available?

Personal Care:

Complex Personal Care:

Domestic Assistance:

Community and Social Support

Community Nursing:


Step Five: What happens after my parent is told they need care?

Step Four: How do they decide what care my parent will get?