I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Step Four:
How do they decide what care my parent will get?

The District Health Board (DHB) assessor will use the information from the assessment to create a plan for your parent's ongoing support.

The DHB assessor and your parent will decide which services best meet his or her needs.

If your parent has low to medium needs, they may receive home care. If he or she has high needs, they may be able to enter a rest home or hospital.

You need to advocate strongly for the option your parent prefers.

Your parent should receive a letter from the DHB assessor around a week later either:

Take note: rest home, dementia and hospital providers are chosen by you and not the DHB.

Find out information about home care


Step Five: What happens after my parent is told they need care?

Step Three: How will my parent be assessed?