I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Step One:
How do I find out if my parent needs care?

Your parent will need to see a Needs Assessor from the District Health Board (DHB) to find out if they need care. A DHB Needs Assessor evaluates how much help a person needs in their daily life.

The DHB assessor will ask your parent questions about:

The DHB assessor will tell your parent what kind of assistance they need. Your parent may be offered home help or be allowed to enter a rest home or hospital.

How do I know if my parent needs to be assessed?

If your parent is struggling with daily tasks, or has similar problems to Elizabeth, they may need to be assessed for help.


My mother Elizabeth had always been very self-sufficient. However, she started to struggle with many everyday tasks, such as eating meals and getting dressed, as she got older.

Elizabeth managed fine for a while with help from her husband Frank. One day, she had a bad fall and broke her hip. While she was recovering in hospital, a Needs Assessor came to visit her. The assessor said that she would not be able to cope at home anymore. The assessor said that rest home care is the best option.

We are very relieved that Elizabeth has 24/7 care now.



Step Two: How can my parent get assessed?