I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process


If your parent is having problems, they should check the Admission Agreement – the rest home contract.

The Admission Agreement will tell you:

Follow the complaints procedure outlined in the contract.

Talk to the manager of the rest home about your concerns. They should resolve your parent's complaint within 20 working days.

The full complaints process is outlined on the Ministry of Health website.

Advocate Service

An advocate from the Health and Disability Commissioner can help you resolve your complaint.

An advocate:

Click here to find an advocate on the Health and Disability Commissioner website

You have these options if your complaint has not been dealt with:

If you are very concerned about the quality of care, contact the Health and Disability Commissioner.

If you have a concern about what contracted care services the provider must provide, contact your local District Health Board Health of Older People Portfolio Manager.

If you cannot resolve a financial issue, you can contact the funding manager for your local District Health Board.

Ring your local District Health Board for contacts.

Click here to access the website for your local District Health Board

Who can I ask for help with complaints?

These organisations can help you with any complaints you have about rest homes:

Grey Power

Grey Power is an organisation promoting the welfare of people over 50. 

Contact Details:

0800 473 979
PO Box 272 1719

Age Concern

Age Concern is a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting quality of life and wellbeing of older people.

Contact details:

PO Box 10 668
New Zealand