I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Enduring Power of Attorney

Who should make an EPOA?

Everyone should make enduring powers of attorney.

Anyone who falls into one of these categories should make them as soon as possible:

Why should my parent make an EPOA?

If your parent ever becomes incapable of making their own decisions, they will need someone trustworthy in charge of their affairs. It takes little effort and is not costly to appoint an EPOA.

If your parent does not have an EPOA, you must apply to the Family Court before you can manage their affairs. This is costly and time consuming. The court will decide who can manage their affairs. They may choose a different person from who your parent would have chosen themselves.

Who can be my parent’s attorney?

Your parent can only have one Attorney for personal care.  It has to be a person, and cannot be a trustee company.

Your parent can have more than one attorney for Property. They can choose either individuals or a trustee company.

Who should my parent choose for their attorney?

It is most important to choose a person you trust. Your parent must be confident that this person has your best interests at heart. The person should know your likes and dislikes well. You must be sure that the person will always carry out your preferences.

It is helpful to have an attorney living close by. They are required by law to consult you on decisions as much as possible.

The attorneys will need to work together. Choose people who will work together well.

My mother’s enduring power of attorney is making decisions on her behalf that I don’t think she would agree with. What can I do?

The Family Court can change the terms of the enduring power of attorney. They can review any decision that an attorney has made, or cancel the attorney's appointment.

Ask the Family Court to cancel the attorney’s appointment. They will discuss whether or not the attorney was suitable. If the attorney is found to be not suitable, they will appoint another person.