I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

What are my parent’s rights under the Admission Agreement?

Code of Residents’ Rights

Your Admission Agreement will refer to a Code of Residents’ Rights.  Your parent will be given a copy. The Code has information on:

Service Package

Your parent will receive a package of services set by the government. The Admission Agreement lists the services included in the package.

The Admission Agreement will mention what services your parent can purchase. It will outline the charges for the services. It will say how much notice you must give to stop receiving any additional service. Your parent must agree in writing if they want to pay for premium services.

What services should we expect from the rest home?

General Practitioner Services

The Admission Agreement will say whether or not your parent can keep their General Practitioner (GP). Most facilities allow residents to keep their GP if they agree to visit the facility. If your parent's GP has higher fees than the facility’s GP, your parent may have to pay the cost difference.

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Your parent's responsibilities under the Admission Agreement


Step Nine: Your parent is now ready to enter the rest home

Step Eight: What happens after we have chosen a rest home?