I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Private Paying

If your parent does not qualify for a Residential Care Subsidy, they will have to pay their own fees. They will continue to receive New Zealand Superannuation.

The government limits how much your parent will have to pay towards their care. The limit – called the Maximum Contribution – varies by region. For example, in Christchurch, rest home residents do not have to pay more than $848.52 per week as at 1 July 2013. The limit may change each year. The limit is the same for every level of care, including hospital and dementia care.

Find the rate for your region on the Ministry of Health website

Residential Care Loan

Your parent may be eligible for a Residential Care Loan if they have assets over the threshold, but no money to pay for their care. This is an interest free loan, secured over the borrower’s home.

The asset limits for eligibility are generally:

Find out more information about the Residential Care Loan

Step Eight: How do we choose the right rest home?

Step Seven: Who pays for my parent's care?