I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

Residential Care Subsidy

A Residential Care Subsidy is a government subsidy on the cost of care.

Your parent will need to have their income and assets tested to find out if they are under the eligibility threshold for the Residential Care Subsidy.

Your parent will be responsible for the cost of their care until their subsidy payments begin. They must discuss this with their care provider if it is a problem.

Asset and Income Testing

How much will my parent have to pay towards their care if they are eligible?

If your parent is eligible for the Residential Care Subsidy, the government will pay part of their care. Your parent will pay the rest out of their superannuation. Your parent will have $34.81 left over each week from superannuation after they have paid for their care. They will receive a $246.91 annual clothing allowance. Your parent will pay this amount for any level of care, including hospital and dementia care.

How to Apply

The DHB assessor will give your parent the application forms. Send the needs assessment certificate with the application. Do not send a full copy of the needs assessment. Make copies of the application and related documents.

Send the forms as soon as possible. Send even if your parent does not have all the documents they need or they cannot complete the forms in full.

Call the Residential Subsidy Unit at WINZ on 0800999727 if you and your parent need assistance.

Click here to download the Residential Care Subsidy application form

Find out more information about the Residential Care Subsidy on the Work and Income website

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